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ABOUT TRUE COLORS - American performers, Omar Dupree and Ofra Dupree, teamed up to form a long lasting musical partnership, collaborating as singer/songwriters, composers, session musicians, ever since they performed and recorded together, as members of "Jody’s Singers" and "Solid State". After years of fronting and backing various formations and artists, inspired to follow their artistic vision, they co-founded their own music project "True Colors", that offers their talent, experience and expertise - writing, arranging, and performing in the recording studio, as well as on stage with their world class live act, that has captured a unique place in the entertainment sector.

Omar Dupree - The soul of True Colors

Singer-songwriter/composer, recording artist.

Since arriving from the USA on tour in Europe and settling down in Holland Omar has been well known as the soulful voice of various formations such as American Gypsy, Band of Gold, Jody’s Singers and more. As a dominant leading voice, a backing-vocalist, second voice, and on ad-libs, he released numerous records performed in radio and TV productions among them with the Dutch  Metropole Orchestra and has been supporting well known artists like Lee Towers, Anita Meyer at the Ahoy’s Gala’s of the year, Gordon, Ruth Jacott, Rob de Nijs, at the Carré, and many others in TV shows and concerts on stages in and around the country.

A talented song writer, and a top session recording artist who’s collaboration and unique sound has been highly in demand for international and national productions by many prominent producers like: Jaap Eggermont Boland &Boland, Martin Duiser, Piet Souer, John Tilly, Dick Bakker, Fluitsma & Van Tijn, Peter Koelewijn and top artists such as: Billy Preston, George MacRae, Def Leppard, Mother’s Finest, Gordon, Ruth Jacott, Margriet Eshuis, Anita Meijer, Lee Towers, Rob de Nijs, Van den Berg, Golden Earing, Frank Boeijen Groep, Piet Veerman, Patricia Paay, Gerard Joling, René Froger, Lisa Boray, Mai Tai, Tony Sherman, Birgit Lewis, Rocq-e Harrel, Forrest, and many others.

Omar Dupree

Ofra Dupree - The creative drive behind True Colors

Singer-songwriter/composer, dancer/choreographer.

From an early age Ofra has been actively involved with music, singing, performing and dancing, following music, piano, guitar and dance lessons, private as well as at the conservatorium.
Upon coming to Holland she followed through on her career, working professionally for several years with Penny de Jager.

As a backing-vocalist on stage and in the recording studio she performed with many artists, among which : Billy Preston, Billy Ocean, Piet Veerman, Band of Gold, George McRee, Maria Carey and Joe Bourne and as a talented song writer, she collaborated with Billy Preston, Omar Dupree, Tony Sherman and more.

Ofra sang on stages in and outside Holland , took part in various TV productions, as a singer, dancer, choreographer and recorded as a member of the Jody’s Singers, Solid State and gospel choirs.

Ofra Dupree

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